Orthopedic biomaterials market growth strongest in U.S.

Growth in the U.S. market for orthopedic biomaterials is expected to be somewhat faster than in Europe and significantly greater than in the developing world, partly because new biomaterials are relatively expensive and their uptake is related, in general terms, to GDP. Newly-emerging technologies such as bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) are expected to grow at rates up to 30-35% per annum during the forecast period (2007-2011), although their contribution to the overall orthopaedic biomaterials market will be relatively modest, since they are starting from a small base. Overall, the U.S. market for orthopaedic biomaterials is expected to grow by approximately 12% per annum over the next five years.

The U.S. market is the best-documented of the world’s regional markets for orthopaedic biomaterials, and U.S.-specific data are to be found later in this section, under discussions of the market by surgical procedures and classes of biomaterials.


Source:  MedMarket Diligence Report #S625.


Although the "other" category is the largest category included in this overall market, and has been included because of both "biomaterials" aspect of these technologies and their clinical utility in orthopedic applications, these products are part of the larger market for sealing, adhesion, hemostasis and prevention of post-surgical adhesions.  (The market for these products are addressed separately in the MedMarket Diligence report #S175, "Worldwide Sealants, Glues and Wound Closure, 2009-2013".)