Regional Markets for Surgical Sealants, 2015 and 2022

The fastest growth in the sales of surgical sealants over the next decade will be in the Asia-Pacific region, driven primarily by very strong healthcare market growth in China, and reaching a CAGR (2016-2022) of at least 13.97%. The growth rate in China would be even higher, but will be dampened for the time being by the lack of surgeons trained in the proper use of these products, as well as the limitations of reaching a dispersed patient population. Nonetheless, the A/P share of the global sealants market will double in the next seven years!

Below illustrates the geographic distribution of surgical sealants (fibrin and others) in 2015.

Regional Markets for Sealants, Fibrin and Other Sealant Products,
2015 & 2022, USD Millions




Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC; Report #S290.

Report #S290 may be purchased online for PDF download or print delivery; in single, site, or global licenses.

The Asia/Pacific market for coronary stents

The Asia/Pacific market for coronary stents, like the worldwide market, will see continued growth through the next decade in the dominance of drug-eluting stents in the market, but also like other geographic markets, will witness the emergence and penetration of existing markets by bioabsorbable stents.

The Asia/Pacific market differs from Western markets in that drug-eluting stents control an even greater share of the coronary stent market than in other markets as a result of the coronary stent market in China being almost exclusively represented by drug-eluting stents.

Overall growth in the Asia/Pacific coronary stent market, segmented by drug-eluting, bare metal and bioabsorbable, is illustrated below.


Source: Report #C245, "Worldwide Coronary Stents Market, 2008-2017," published May 2009 by MedMarket Diligence.