Medtech fundings for December 2014

Fundings for medical technologies in December 2014 reached $789 million, led by the enormous $410 million funding of Neusoft Medical, part of an overall $610 million funding of China’s Neusoft. The “lesser” fundings for the month include the $59 million funding of INSIGHTEC, the $50 million funding of CardioKinetix (by Edwards Lifesciences), and the $34 million funding of Xeltis AG.

Below are the top fundings for the month:

Company, funding Product/technology
Neusoft has raised $610 million in funding, with $410 million to be applied to its Neusoft Medical company, according to Neusoft Imaging in CT, MRI, X-Ray, ultrasound and PET
INSIGHTEC has raised $59 million in a round of funding according to the company Magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound treatment in neurology, oncology, and gynecology
CardioKinetix, Inc., has raised $50 million in funding from Edwards Lifesciences according to the companies Catheter-delivered intraventricular implant for the treatment of congestive heart failure
Xeltis AG has raised $34 million in a Series B round of funding according to press reports Endogenous tissue growth stimulated by synthetic biodegradable implants
Coventus Orthopaedics, Inc., has raised $24 million in a round of funding according to press reports Self-expanding device for fracture fixation

For the complete list of medtech fundings in December 2014, see link.

Medtech fundings for the full year 2014 reached $5,951 million, up 5% over the 2013 total. The six year trend in medtech funding, with the linear trendline, is shown below.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.19.12 AM

For a historical list of the individual fundings in medtech, by month, since 2009, see link.

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