Medtech fundings for July 2014

Fundings in medical technology for the month of July 2014 have reached $364 million, led by the Intersect ENT $55 million IPO and fundings of Advanced Cell Technology ($30 million), Rotation Medical ($27 million) and Amedica Corp. ($26 million). Below are the top fundings thus far in the month.

Company, fundingProduct/technology
Intersect ENT, Inc., has raised $55 million in an initial public offering according to the companyDrug-eluting sinus implant
Advanced Cell Technology, Inc., has raised $30 million in an equity round of funding according to the companyHuman embryonic stem cell and adult stem cell for a range of treatments, including macular degeneration
Rotation Medical, Inc., has raised $27.2 million in a Series B round of funding according to press reportsCollage scaffold for the treatment of rotator cuff tears
Amedica Corp. has raised $26 million in debt and equity funding according to the companyOrthopedic implant materials

For an updated list of medtech fundings in July 2014, revisit this post (refresh your browser) and see link. For a full list of the fundings in medtech, by month, since 2009, see link.

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