Technologies at Recent Medtech Startups

Below is a list of the technologies under development by startups recently identified and included in the Medtech Startups Database:

  • Monitoring catheters during minimally invasive (interventional) cardiovascular surgery.
  • Biomatarials for bone regeneration.
  • Adult stem cell-based implant to stimulate bone regrowth.
  • Percutaneously transplanted valve for treatment of congestive heart failure.
  • 3D live, microscopic imaging technology for in vitro and in vivo use.
  • Devices for prevention of nasal MRSA colonization.
  • Undisclosed neuro technology.
  • Devices for treatment of vascular occlusion and embolization.
  • Hypothermia for hypoxic-ischemic brain and spinal cord trauma.
  • Transcatheter interarterial shunt for treatment of diastolic heart failure.

For a historical list of technologies at medtech startups see link.

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