Advanced wound technologies penetrating, expanding markets

Advanced medical technologies gain footing in medical technology markets by a combination of displacing caseload previously served by older, established technologies, and tapping into previously unserved (or underserved) caseload by offering new product benefits. In other words, new technologies gain sales by both penetrating existing markets and actually expanding the current market.

The global wound care market is characterized by such a shift toward advanced technologies, where the overall gain in sales of new technologies is accounted for by both the displacement of traditional product sales and the added caseload of patients previously untreated or under-treated.

Below is illustrated the shift in share of the total market arising from each of the multiple different wound management technologies. Growth in the market (and resulting decline of traditional technologies) is arising from growth factors, bio-engineered skin & skin substitutes, as well as growth in some older but still advancing technologies driving growth in foam and alginate dressings.


Source: Report #S249, “Worldwide Wound Management, 2012-2021.”

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