Wound prevalence by types, worldwide

The bulk of wound types driving the use of products for wound sealing, closure, hemostasis and anti-adhesion are surgical incisions made for the purpose of treating disease. While this figure is over 100 million annually on a global basis, its significance as a force for the use of wound closure and related technologies must be tempered by the fact that surgical incisions are intentionally made and therefore are made by surgeons and other clinicians with advanced expectation of how the wound will be closed.  By contrast, wounds of other types offer a degree of complexity and unpredictability that, even in their lower numbers, represent a markedly bigger challenge for clinicians to manage.  Indeed, the most significant costs in wound management ensue from chronic wounds, which arise as a result of inadequate circulation, excess pressure, infection, complicating disease or conditions (e.g., diabetes, obesity) and other factors.

Below is illustrated the global distribution of wound prevalence by type of wound (2011).


Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC; Report #S190 and Report #S249.

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