Highly variable shares of wound management manufacturers by product type

Products on the market and under development for the treatment of wounds reflect a diversity created by the wide range of technologies that have been developed to optimize wound healing by controlling specific conditions at the wound site.  These include moisture, adherence of the wound dressing to the wound, resistance to bacterial or other infections, presence of exudate and others.  Moreover, the volume of wound caseload (in annual incidence and cumulative prevalence), across a range of wound types, provides sufficient demand to support the marketing and development of a large number of wound care products.

Consequently, even focusing an analysis of the global wound management market on a narrow range of applications, namely wound dressings, bandages and related wound coverings, yields a large and diverse number of product types and competitors.

Below are illustrated the market shares (by percentage) for major manufacturers of wound management products in each of the major wound product categories.



Source: “Wound Management Worldwide Market and Forecast to 2020: Established and Emerging Products, Technologies and Markets in the Americas, Europe, Asia/Pacific and Rest of World”, Report #S249; MedMarket Diligence.


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