Growth factors in the wound management market

MedMarket Diligence is completing an expanded analysis of its recent global wound management market, which the company published in December 2012, to include an assessment of the products, technologies, companies and worldwide market and forecast for growth factors in the management of wounds.

Growth factors represent an advanced medical technology that is now impacting, and will continue to disrupt, the market for wound management products. As wound management has evolved from a practice centered on simply keeping the wound site clean and intact to enable the body’s normal wound healing process to take place to a practice in which active components in dressings, closures and other wound products more aggressively support or even drive active wound healing, products like growth factors are gaining greater recognition for their wound-healing potential.

The MedMarket Diligence Report #S149 (see link) details the global market for products in wound management. In February 2013, the report will be reissued with an expanded analysis of products and technologies that includes the products, technologies, companies and global markets for growth factors in wound management.

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