Global growth in traditional and advanced wound care products

Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC; Report #S249.

The treatment of wounds is evolving in clinical practice and technology development toward reducing the healing time, reducing the risk of infection, reducing scarring, and lowering the cost (often with multiples of these goals being pursued concurrently).

Traditional wound management products, which are fairly inert as simple coverings to the wound to keep out debris and therefore provide a clean environment for the normal biological pathways of healing to take place, are being replaced by products playing ever-more active roles in the wound-healing process — drawing out exudate, enabling water and gas permeability, minimizing dressing interaction with the wound, providing a moist environment, provide autolytic debridement of wound tissue, reduce the bioburden of microbes at the wound site, and others. At the extreme, advanced wound management products stimulate healing through growth factors, the use of negative pressure wound therapy systems, or provide skin replacement through the use of autografts or skin substitutes.

The result is that, while traditional wound management products like dressings and bandages represent low-cost treatment options for a high volume caseload of wounds globally and, especially outside of western markets, continue to penetrate inadequately served patient populations, the steady advances in wound management technologies are progressively being adopted for use in high volumes of chronic and even acute wounds since their use produces better outcomes, lower costs or both.

This trend in the growth of advanced wound products is reflected in the difference between the current distribution of  the global wound management market by wound care product type and the distribution in the year 2020 as shown in the accompanying chart.  Also, while the aggregate market is growing at a very modest 6% annually through this period, the adoption of advanced wound products is reflected in double digit growth.

See the MedMarket Diligence, LLC, Report #S249, “Wound Management, Worldwide Market and Forecast to 2020: Established and Emerging Products, Technologies and Markets in the Americas, Europe, Asia/Pacific and Rest of World.”

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