Variable distribution of med/surg sealants and related products in global markets

Sealants, glues, hemostats, other wound-closure and anti-adhesion products in medical/surgical applications are penetrating world markets at variable rates as a result of differences in clinical practices, incidence/prevalence or other clinical caseload differences, differences in regulatory approval, differences in reimbursement and even differences in cultural mores from country-to-country.

For the sake of illustrating these differences as they impact the balance of the market for  the range of these advance closure, sealant and related products, we drew from our 2012 report on the topic (Report #S190) to compare the distribution of revenues for these products in the United States versus the “Rest of Asia-Pacific” category, or the Asia-Pacific region excluding Japan and Korea.  While the USA market for these products is 73% higher than the same market in Asia-Pacific ($4.2 billion versus $2.4 billion, respectively), a significant difference is also found in the distribution of the product revenues comprising each market.  Below is illustrated the percent of the total market for these products in the USA market and in the Asia-Pacific market.


Source: Report #S190; “Surgical Sealants, Glues, Wound Closure and Anti-Adhesion, Worldwide Markets, 2012-2017.”

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