Chronic wound management potential patient caseload

One of the most significant opportunities in wound management is to address a high volume patient need that would reduce the cost of care and improve quality of life (which, of course, characterizes all great opportunities in medtech).  That need is no more strongly represented than the deficiency in the ability of existing technologies to treat the highly prevalence, high growth and high treatment cost of chronic wounds.

These slow-to-heal or, essentially, non-healing wounds demand costly, ongoing attention by clinicians and have adverse health impacts for a high population. Driving the growth is the inevitable “aging of the population”, aggravated by increasing rates of obesity, increasing incidence of diabetes and their cumulative contribution to chronic wounds.

Below is illustrated the caseload of current and potential caseload for products in dermal repair:


Source: Report #S190 and Report #S249; MedMarket Diligence, LLC.

Worldwide, the highest volume potential caseload for products in dermal repair is represented by pressure ulcers.  Also significant is plastic surgery, but its volume in well developed markets has declined compared to growth outside the U.S. and Europe.

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