Tissue engineering & cell therapy markets, 2012 and 2018

The varied technologies underpinning the market for “tissue engineering & cell therapy” are diverse — even more so than people in the industry often recognize.  Frequently, both tissue engineering and cell therapy are presumed to be purely developmental in current “markets”, a far cry from when such technologies will be so advanced as to make organ replacement a retail market.  The truth is that, on the one hand, tissue engineering has become a very routine part of clinical practice (as in skin grafts and orthopedic tissue grafts) and, on the other hand, while cell therapy still has vastly more clinical (and commercial) potential than it has as yet demonstrated, it has nonetheless demonstrated sufficient advance that several obstacles to cell therapy benefits have been greatly diminished: (1) the issue of the Bush-era ban on federally-funded embryonic stem cell research was promptly lifted by the Obama administration and (2) advances in the use of adult stem cells and the reversion of cells from a differentiated to undifferentiated state (i.e., creation of pluripotent cells) have made limitations on embryonic stem cells largely moot.

Consequently, the great struggle for anyone seeking to assess the “commercial potential” in tissue engineering and stem cell therapy is overcoming the presumption that these technologies are still a long way off from attaining any level near their potential commercial success.

The solution has been to track actual company revenues especially, but not limited to, readily verified SEC 10(K) company reports on revenues generated from these technologies.  This has been our experience in characterizing worldwide markets for tissue engineering and cell therapy in our Report #S520.

The aggregate worldwide market for tissue engineering and cell therapies, representing an already stunning range of clinical applications, stands at roughly $12 billion in 2012.  This market, through commercial introduction of new products and expanded applications of approved products, will reach almost $32 billion by 2018. See our 2012 and 2018 estimates, below.

Source: “Tissue Engineering, Cell Therapy and Transplantation: Products, Technologies & Market Opportunities, Worldwide, 2009-2018”, Report #S520.

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