Medical technology startups identified in October 2012

Medical technology startups recently identified by MedMarket Diligence and included this month in the Medtech Startups Database include companies developing the following technologies:

  • Intubation device.
  • Device for the point-of-care treatment of chronic central pain.
  • Technologies for detection of perforated bowel.
  • Prosthetic heart valve technology.
  • Catheter-based approach to carotid body modulation for treatment of sympathetic nervous system-mediated disease.
  • Sheaths, snares and other devices in interventional cardiology.
  • Device for non-invasive and reversible treatment of presbyopia.
  • Drill device to reduce complications in orthopedic and spine surgery.
  • System for evacuation of surgical smoke.
  • Minimally invasive technologies for the treatment of stroke.

See more details on the Medtech Startups Database.

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