Medtech Financing Trends, 2009-2012

Taking a quick mid-October snapshot of medtech financings to plot for trends, the numbers are headed very much in the right direction, with fundings for the month already at $465 million.

(Even with the strong October financings levels adding to the year’s totals, the full year 2012 total is still likely to be off from the 2011 total, which appears to have been a prematurely optimistic view of economic recovery — at least from the VCs’ view of medtech — from the “great recession”.)

In order to smooth out the relatively high month-to-month volatility in investments, the data below, drawn from link (which in turn have been tallied from our monthly numbers), represent the rolling three month average of financings from 2009-2012.

(Please note that the October 2012 figure is as of today’s date (15 October 2012), so the “monthly” number may only be half of the full month expected.)

Source: Compiled by MedMarket Diligence, LLC

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