Coverage of sealants, glues, hemostasis, and wound closure

Regular readers of © 2018, MedMarket Diligence, LLC -- advanced medical technologies know that, as part of our regular coverage of medtech startups, financing, technology trends and market developments, we  leverage the detailed global market analyses of MedMarket Diligence to highlight market trends and opportunities (or challenges) and provide raw data and insights from our primary and secondary research.

Below is a compilation of posts drawn from the 2012 coverage of surgical sealant, glues, hemostasis and other wound closure and anti-adhesion products in our Report #S190.

  • Growth in fibrin sealant sales worldwide. See link.
  • Sutures, tapes, glues, sealants — trends in wound closure. See link.
  • Hemostasis product development worldwide. See link.
  • Potential for medical and surgical sealants, glues, hemostasis and other wound products. See link.
  • Wound classification and wound closure analysis.  See link.
  • High strength medical adhesives global market forecast. See link.
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