Medtech Startup Geographic Distribution

In response to a recent Quora query, I have reviewed our Medtech Startups Database for the geographic distribtion.  The fundamental question is where the hubs are in medtech startups.  For this, I have somewhat arbitrarily decided to look at medtech startups over the past six years, with dates of companies founded between 2006 and year-to-date 2012.

Starting globally, the country with the highest concentration is, yes, the US, followed by Israel (long a center of technology development).  Below is the sorted distribution by country, with the preponderance of US companies overshadowing the numbers of companies in most other countries.  Note, however, that to at least some small degree this list is skewed toward the US due to our familiarity with sources in identifying companies domestically, but removing this bias would not likely change the general shape of this distribution.

Source: Medtech Startups Database

Within the US, then, the question is which states have the highest concentration of medtech startups. California and Massachusetts have long had high concentrations of startups due to the proximity of academic institutions driving technology transfer, population and other local drivers.  Minnesota also represents a steady source of startups and Texas has begun to increase its ranking over the past several years.

Medtech Startups Database
Companies by State, Year Founded,

 Source: Medtech Startups Database

Within California, the predominant area of medtechs is in the Silicon Valley area, follwed by Los Angeles / Orange County.

For another way to look at geographic concentration, one should also consider the investments tracked by industry at PricewaterhouseCoopers on their MoneyTree report (see link for Q2 2012 medical devices and equipment).

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