Medtech Startups September 2012

Another great start to the list of medtech startups identified this month (and added to the Medtech Startups Database).  I would like to think that either we are getting more and more aggressive at finding these new entities or there are just more of them getting started (both good developments).  Below are the technologies under development at the companies identified thus far this month:

  • Provides medical device design and development services, such as for hemostasis sealing device for use during interventional catheterization procedures.
  • Device for the treatment of hypertension.
  • Joint venture to develop surgical sealants, adhesion barriers and tissue adhesives.
  • 3D imaging, flow and pressure in cardiac diagnostics for heart failure.
  • Products for trauma including clamp to address massive hemorrhage.
  • Glucose monitoring in diabetes.
  • Pulmonary therapeutics including positive airway pressure devices.
  • Technology for incisionless bypass in gastrointestinal surgery.
  • Device to facilitate the removal of cataracts.
  • Device to improve outcomes following lumbar discectomy in spine surgery.
  • Subcutaneous drug delivery system.
  • Device to reduce patient radiation exposure during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.


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