Medtech Startup Activity, 2010 to 2012

The medical technology arena in the past two years has seen continued efforts to recover from a global recession, challenges to venture capital funding, changing regulatory approval processes and other general business challenges.  Therefore, it is encouraging that, in spite of this, there has been a surprisingly robust medtech startup environment, since entrepreneurs continue to have enough ideas, enough optimism and otherwise enough motivation to found companies.

We have seen a wide spectrum of technologies become the focus of new development at  companies founded in the past two years.  The technologies (and the potential they offer) have been predicated on advances to improve outcomes for existing patient populations, offer treatment options for patients previously untreated, reduce complications of med/surg procedures, reduce technical challenges in performance of procedures, reduce recovery times and, most importantly (and ideally integrated with all other advances), reduce costs of treatment.

Below is illustrated the range of clinical- and technology-based companies that we have added to the Medtech Startups Database for companies founded between 2010 and 2012:

Clinical and Technology Focus of Companies Founded Between 2010 and 2012 and Added to the Medtech Startups Database

(Note: Companies may be represented by multiple categories; for example, minimally invasive and surgery and orthopedic).

Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC; Medtech Startups Database.


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