Medical technology startups mid-August 2012

It is encouraging to see an uptick in the number of companies we are identifying as *startups in medical technology. By mid-August 2012, these are the technologies at the companies we have identified and included this month in the Medtech Startups Database:

  • Percutaneous treatment of mitral valve disease.
  • Hyperthermia treatment of cancer.
  • Neurostimulators for pain management.
  • Wound healing products based on a proprietary polymer technology.
  • Debridement of toenails in diabetic and other populations.
  • Decision support tool to predict patients’ blood glucose profile and enable user-driven changes to normalize blood glucose levels.
  • Developing devices for mitral valve repair.
  • Device for compression anastomosis in colorectal surgery.
  • Magnetic compression anastomosis as an alternative to surgical staplers.
  • Patient positioning for surgery based on peripheral nerve stimulation.
  • Hemodynamic monitor designed for high-risk patients in the OR and ICU.
  • Hysteroscopic morcellator to remove uterine fibroids.
  • EEG and ECG devices for monitoring respiratory and cardiovascular function.
  • Device to monitor and predict post-operative ileus after abdominal surgery.

Of course, the companies developing these technologies were not founded in August 2012, but during the course of this month each became known to us due to a noteworthy event (e.g., a financing, a patent issued or other significant event) that has resulted in the company being readily identified.

*By startups, we mean those companies that have been very recently established (within the past year, but often within the past few months) and about whom we know enough to both (1) identify them as medtech based on their direct or indirect involvement with the medical device arena as a developer or manufacturer of a medical device, a biomaterial, a hybrid device/drug manufacturer, a drug or biotech complementary to or directly competitive with a device or similar and (2) detail them with company name, principal, technology specifics, etc.

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