Recent Medtech Startups — July 2012

Below is a list of the medical technologies under development at recently identified startup companies, which have been added (with principal names, addresses and more detailed clinical and technology descriptions) to the Medtech Startups Database during the month of July:

  • Undisclosed medical technology
  • Products for the treatment of heart failure
  • Tissue regeneration in bone and cartilage/osteochondral tissue
  • Nonsurgical, catheter-delivered repair of the mitral valve
  • Prosthetic valves
  • Technology under development for the treatment of mitral valve defects
  • Office-based catheter removal of small kidney stones that are otherwise left untreated
  • Medical device startup developing a minimally invasive surgical procedure for the lacrimal glands
  • Development of biomaterials for bone grafting

For a detailed list of the technologies under development by previously identified medtech startups, see link.

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