Trends in medical technology investment and financing

In order to stay close to the leading edge of medical technology development, MedMarket Diligence routinely tracks and details the status of medical technology investment.  Drawn from company SEC filings, company press releases and other sources worldwide, the month-by-month fundings in medical device and related technologies are detailed in this blog (search investment or financing).

MedMarket Diligence also provides a look at financings from a historical basis, which can sometimes be rather revealing about where money is going, or has gone, and which technologies are able to draw investment.  Of course, investment and medical product market success are not synonymous, but that is a different question.  To see the historic view of medtech financing see the detailed listings of individual financings at link.  Alternatively, you may find it insightful to see the trending in funding amounts since 2009 (when we began to plot the trended fundings) at link.

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