Medtech Investment, July 2012

Medical technology investment for the now completed month of July 2012 came in at $339 million.

Key individual investments are shown below:

  • $49 million for Histogenics (cell therapy and tissue engineering for tissue repair and regeneration)
  • $40 million for Agile Therapeutics (low dose contraceptive patch)
  • $34.1 million for Celltex Therapeutics (banking of abdominal-derived stem cells)
  • $33 million for Avinger, Inc. (peripheral atherectomy catheters and other products for treatment of peripheral artery disease)
  • $20 million for CoDa Therapeutics (products/technologies for wound repair)
  • $16.5 million for Obalon Therapeutics (non-surgical, reversible device-based treatment for obesity)
  • $14.9 million for CardioSolutions (percutaneous implant for the treatment of mitral regurgitation)
The full list of financings during the month of July 2012 are shown at link.

Historic financing in medical technology from 2009 to 2012 is detailed at link.


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