The Rapidly Evolving Obesity Treatment Market

Manufacturers of drugs and devices are working furiously to gain or expand presence in the burgeoning obesity treatment market.  Currently at an already substantial $1.3 billion worldwide, the market for a wide range of devices and drugs (and their combinations) will balloon to nearly $3.9 billion in only five years.

While devices have already proven their worth in bluntly challenging key drivers of obesity represented simply by intake (or absorption), the intrusive nature of devices (even in their least invasive embodiments), the potential for complications, the occasional need for repeat or reintervention procedures and other limitations leave a large opening in opportunity for obesity drugs.  This is not to say that drugs are without limitations (like complications) — indeed, these have been at the root of delayed or denied drug approvals for years — but drugs do have the undeniable allure of a solution without surgery (of any kind).

The breakdown of the drug and device markets in the treatment of obesity can be viewed narrowly or broadly. Narrowly, one can look at the current and forecast markets for either type, presuming that devices compete against devices…

 Source: Report #S835

While drugs compete against drugs:

 Source: Report #S835

Or, one can consider the reality of obesity treatment, like a multitude of current and emerging treatment markets, which is that any and all treatments of a disease state must be viewed as competitive with every other treatment option, regardless of technology or other type:

 Source: Report #S835

The outlook for treatments is becoming more complex, offering a fairly challenging environment for manufacturers, but simultaneously offering clinicians and patients with a  welcome array of options to address a condition of dramatically growing significance for health — and strained healthcare systems.

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  1. Of course, one key driver behind the anticipated change in the obesity treatment landscape is the FDA’s change of heart regarding obesity drugs, such as Arena Pharmaceutical’s Lorcaserin, which may well receive FDA approval this month (June 2012).

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