Obesity Drugs and Devices Both Driven by Rapid Growth

With the rise of prevalence in obesity, much attention is being given to emerging treatment options — whether drugs or devices.  Considerable commercial potential lies in treatment options that are less invasive device treatments than bypass surgery and obesity drug options represent sort of a "least invasive possible" option, although many obesity drugs have been stuck in the "awaiting approval" stage for some time due to concerns about safety.

Nonetheless, in even the short run, obesity drugs are driving more revenue than devices, with the expected lion's share of obesity drug revenues coming from combination drugs.

By 2019, drug's share of the total obesity treatment market will will have increased only moderately, the aggregate market will have increased by over fourfold.  See the segmentation of obesity drugs and devices, below:


Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC; Report #S835.


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