Wound closure options proliferate, sutures still holding fast

Options for closing a traumatic or surgical wound used to be limited to sutures or (if the wound was very minor) tapes.

The options are now diversifying, alone or adjunctively, to include sutures, staples, clips, fibrin sealants and an emerging variety of high-strength medical adhesives. However, sutures remain an option that is hard for novel wound closure technologies to displace, given sutures' low cost, ease of use and tensile strength in closure.  Add in the advance of resorbable sutures and the market for sutures remains viable despite many advantages of the alternatives.

Below is illustrated the market for wound closure comprised of the principle alternatives including sutures, staples, clips and advanced closure products (fibrin and other sealants and high strength medical adhesives).

Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC; Report #S190.

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