Fibrin sealants in advanced medical technology markets worldwide

The introduction of © 2018, MedMarket Diligence, LLC -- advanced medical technologies typically occurs most predominantly in western markets (U.S., Europe), since these markets have a decided penchant for new technologies.  The technologies then progressively make their way to less economically developed markets as manufacturers seek to expand their global market share. 

Fibrin sealants represent an advance in treatment of chronic and, especially, acute wounds and for this reason, the largest regional market is the U.S. at 37% of the worldwide market, followed by Europe at 27%, with declining percentages for other international markets, as shown below. By comparison (at bottom) is the global market for tapes in the clinical management of wounds, illustrating a decided shift in share away from the U.S. toward less well developed markets.

Worldwide Market for Fibrin and Other Medical/Surgical Sealants, by Country/Region, 2011

Source: Report #S190, MedMarket Diligence, LLC.


Worldwide Market for Medical/Surgical Tapes, by Country/Region, 2011

Source: Report #S190, MedMarket Diligence, LLC.

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