Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring in Diabetes

Please note that the original data on glucose monitoring referenced in the post below was compiled in mid-2010 — considerable change has taken place in the market since then.

One of the fundamental challenges in managing diabetes, especially insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (or “juvenile onset” diabetes) is the lag between a sharp trend in blood glucose levels (up or down) and the diabetic’s awareness.  The sooner a diabetic can become aware of becoming hypo- or hyperglycemic, the sooner he/she can act to preempt this adverse affects, some of which (especially for hypoglycemia) can be dangerous.

Couple this with another fundamental challenge in diabetes — the need for painful, frequent blood glucose testing involving finger pricks for blood sampling — and it becomes clear why continuous blood glucose monitoring (cBGM), especially non-invasive, holds potential.  While the challenge of providing cBGM is currently more economic than technical, as a practical matter the solution has not yet emerged that is supported by industry.

Below (and in response to an inquiry from a Quora member) is a 2010 listing (perhaps in need of a recent update) of manufacturers developing continuous blood glucose monitors.

Developers of Continuous Blood Glucose Monitors

CompanyProduct(s)Key FeaturesRegulatory Status
AbbottFreeStyle NavigatorAdvanced hypo- and hyperglycenia alarms. Has integrated FreeStyle meter for calibrationApproved
AiMedics Pty Ltd.HypoMonNoninvasive, electro-physiological, chest skinÐbasedIn development
ArKal Medical(Unnamed)Improved convenience and easeIn development
Biorasis Inc. (aka Bio-Orasis)GlucowizzardImplantable sensorIn development
Cascade Matrix, Inc.Based on the AutoSampler automated vascular blood sampling systemNoninvasive mid-infrared/microfluidDevelopmental
DexCom, Inc.SEVEN, SEVEN PLUSCan be worn up to 7 daysApproved
Echo Therapeutics (formerly Sontra Medical)Symphony tCGSNoninvasive (needle-free), wireless, transdermal, sonophoresisIn pilot trials
GluMetrics, Inc.GluCathSingle-use catheter and sensor system for real-time intravenous monitoring of patientÕs glucose; for hospital useIn development
MedtroniciPro 2 ProfessionalDisposable glucose sensor. Small automatic data recorder. Small, lightweight, watertight. Allows 288 readings in 24 hour period, uploadable via internet for remote accessCE Mark, launched outside the June 2010, approval pending in 22 other countries
MedtronicParadigm REAL-TimeParadigm CGM combined with Minimed pumpApproved
MedtronicGuardian REAL-TimeCGM onlyApproved
MenariniGlucoDay SFor type 1 and type 2 diabeticsApproved in Europe
RocheSCGM1Glucose measurement at 5 min intervals for up to 4 days. Microdialysis-based measurementInvestigational
Ultradian DiagnosticsBiologueWireless, predict and alarm user 20 minutes of a high or low glucose level, calibration-free interface to an insulin pumpIn development

Source:  Report #D510, “Diabetes Management: Products, Technologies, Markets and Opportunities Worldwide 2009-2018”, Report #D510.

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