A $10 billion global medtech market for ablation technologies

The world market for energy-based ablation devices includes electrical, radiation, light, radiofrequency, ultrasound, cryotherapy, thermal, microwave and hydromechanical. 

The total market in 2009 was valued at nearly $10 billion. For the market period 2010-2019, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the global market is projected to be 11.2%. The CAGR is deceptively modest, because these figures reflect the combined market sizes and growth rates of nine sectors. Those nine sectors, or modalities, vary widely in growth rates: from thermal, with an estimated CAGR (’09-’19) of under 3%, to cryotherapy with a CAGR of 19.5%. The energy-based ablation devices market is growing vigorously and will continue to grow at a strong rate during the study period.

(As defined in the MedMarket Diligence report #A145), the Americas consist of the USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil; the European Union (EU) includes the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and BeNeLux; Asia-Pacific represents Japan, China, India and Australia.

The different energy-based ablation segments vary widely in size, as shown in the following exhibit. Radiation accounted for one-third of the entire market in 2009, followed by light-based ablation (e.g., laser) with 19%. These two modalities accounted for 52% of the dollar value of the energy-based ablation device market in 2009. The CAGR (’10-’19) for radiation is about 8.1%; that of light is about 11%. 

Global Ablation Market Segments

Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC, Report #A145, "Ablation Technologies Worldwide Market, 2009-2019: Products, Technologies, Markets, Companies and Opportunities".

4 thoughts on “A $10 billion global medtech market for ablation technologies”

  1. I found a link to MedMarket Diligence’s 2008 report for ablation technology which claims global market to be $25 billion in 2008! Also electrical modality had 42% share, while radiation had 24% share. Can you provide a reason for such wild variations in a span of just 1 year?

  2. Several reasons. We defined the market differently in 2010 (BTW, that is two years after the prior report, not one), cut out several segments, removed some of the manufacturers’ double counting and captured some price reductions. Then there was an enormous credit crunch and recession (perhaps you heard about that?). The result is a different picture in 2010 than 2008.

  3. The original blog post, referring to a 2008 report, was at http://mediligence.com/blog/2008/11/20/ablation-medtech-developments/. Again, note that the question the user raised predicated on several false assumptions: that there was no change in the market over a one year period, when the time period to the new report was two years (we published Report #A145 two years after #A125, see mediligence.com/rpt/rpt-a145.htm), that there was no change in market conditions (which ignored the major global recession that was precipitated two years prior) and that we were including the exact same segments in the 2010 analysis as in the 2008 analysis.

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