Investment upswing: medical technology fundings picking up pace

The aggregate amount of medtech investment, after taking a hit early this year from a pull back by venture capital, is now on the rise, with two months each of $400+ million investment.

Investments and other financings over the first eight months of 2009 in medical device technologies as well as those that are complementary or directly compete with device technologies have demonstrated increases since a low point in May 2009.  Investment in September 2009 can be expected to also be in the $400+ million range.  The month-by-month financing aggregate is shown graphically below.


Source: Compiled by MedMarket Diligence, LLC


A wide range of technologies are the subject of investment (see the individual investments comprising August and July investments).


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  1. Mentor Capital is well poised to become a significant participant in the expanding medical sector of Cancer Immunotherapy, an emerging approach to overcome the historic medical nemesis of Cancer. This is starting with MNTR's initial $2.2 million or 20% investment in Quantum Immunologics, Inc. (QI), a private company. The QI agreement contemplates “there is potential for significantly increased investment, or even merger of the Parties.”

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