Ablation technologies proliferate from their many clinical benefits

Surgical management of soft tissues via "ablation" therapies, in which alternative energy types (radiation, electrosurgcal, ultrasound, etc.) are applied to excise, destroy, or otherwise produce a therapeutic effect at the tissue level has undergone a proliferation in development with all of these alternatives vying for caseload in clinical applications as diverse as tumor ablation, arrhythmia ablation, endometrial ablation for treatment of endometriosis, ophthalmic procedures for vision and disease treatment, cosmetic, and many others.

The alternatives run the gamut from well established, high volume, low growth procedures like conventional x-ray to emerging, relatively low volume, high growth procedures like microwave ablation in cancer and arrhythmia ablation, and every other type of procedure in between.

Below illustrates the growth versus market size distribution of ablation technology alternatives.


Source:  MedMarket Diligence, LLC; Report #A125, "Ablation Technologies Worldwide:  Products, Technologies, Markets, Companies and Opportunities."


Select technologies in ablation are among the most dynamic growth markets in the entire medtech sector.  The therapeutic and other benefits with these technologies included that they are typically less invasive than traditional surgery and are generally employed without the need for an implant. The therapies can be precisely metered and can be repeated. Emerging energy modalities therefore have the potential to grow at significant, double-digit rates over the next decade as delivery systems evolve.

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