Surgical wound closure and securement, market size versus growth

The worldwide market for products used in securement (sutures, staple, hemostasis, tapes, surgical sealants, high-strength glues) is characterized by both well established markets (sutures, staples and tapes) and novel products (surgical sealants, hemostasis and high-strength glues).

The attractiveness of the surgical securement market is that there are some sizable segments that continue to demonstrate high annual market growth, and these are the surgical sealant segment (fibrin and other biological sealants), in particular, and the high-strength glue segment.

Illustrating this is the bubble chart, below, with bubble sizes (and horizontal axis) representing market size and with position along the horizontal axis representing annual market growth for 2010.


Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC, Report #S175, "Worldwide Surgical Sealants, Glues and Wound Closure, 2009-2013."

While there is growth coming from the expanding market of new clinical applications for advanced surgical selants, glues, hemostats (and anti-adhesion, not shown in above graph), the established market and caseload for sutures and staples (represented by the big blue, low growth bubble in the upper left of the graph) is also a ripe target for the new products, which can improve outcomes and facilitate wound closure compared to traditional products.


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