Taking the lead in the drug-eluting stent market: China?

In considering data from the 2009 report #C245 from MedMarket Diligence on the worldwide coronary artery stent market, one might well be struck by the data we see.  For many medical technology markets, the dynamics of technology development are usually such that innovation arises in western economies (especially U.S. and Europe) and migrates to Asia/Pacific and the rest of the world.  (An exception was the fibrin sealant market, which had its initial introduction in Japan, a market that more rapidly adopted it for cultural and regulatory reasons than did the U.S.)

But the dynamic is different in the market for coronary stents.  One would theorize that the first technologies in stenting — that is, bare metal stents — would demonstrate a proportionally higher amount of sales in Asia/Pacific than the U.S., with newer drug-eluting stents (DES) not yet penetrating the market so significantly in Asia/Pacific as in the U.S.  However, as is illustrated below, in the pie charts below, for the U.S and Asia/Pacific markets segmented by stent type in the forecast year 2014, Asia/Pacific has a markedly higher share of DES sales than does the U.S.  The reason for this is that virtually 100% of coronary stents sales in China are in DES.  Of course, China is a large market, but in terms of consumption of medical technologies, it does not yet stand up to other regional markets, like Japan or Korea.


Source: MedMarket Diligence, LLC;  report #C245, “Worldwide Coronary Stent Market, 2008-2017.” Published May 2009

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