U.S. Will Increasingly Dominate (Unfortunately) the Worldwide Bariatric Device Market

The US and Canadian market for bariatric devices is growing at stunning rate, driven by an increasingly prevalent patient population, the increasing capability of physicians to perform bariatric procedures and a recognition by healthcare systems and third party payers to address the problem as a lynchpin for a condition that otherwise will drive up other, related healthcare costs.

Physician training and experience in insertion of the devices and post-op care of the patient is increasing, which will continue to drive the market as patients gain confidence in the safety of the procedures. Improved reimbursement is also helping to drive the market. The market will increase almost ten-fold from 2008 to 2015, driven both by the expected entry of new devices (Satiety’s TOGa device, Ethicon Endosurgery’s version of a banding device, and EnteroMedics’ device), continued improvements in reimbursement, and continued increase in the number of morbidly obese who will qualify for the surgery. Correspondingly, unit pricing will increase slightly through about 2009, then will start to decrease due to the entry of competing products and technologies.

Due to such rapid growth in the U.S. bariatric device market relative to non-U.S. markets, the U.S. market will represent an increasingly disproportionate share of the worldwide market.

Bariatric Devices Sales, by Region
Source: MedMarket Diligence report #S825


Source:  MedMarket Diligence report #S825
Source: MedMarket Diligence report #S825


While this bodes well for medical device manufacturers (and in fact all obesity-related manufacturers, such as obesity drug manufacturers), it is needless to say an unfortunate indictment of healthcare trends in the U.S.

The report, “Worldwide Market for the Clinical Management of Obesity 2007,” is available in its entirety from MedMarket Diligence, and is described here.  The report may be purchased online for immediate download or via Google Checkout, below.


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