Growth in select startup medtech company formations

In the Medtech Startups Database, we identify newly formed medical technology companies and capture as much data as possible on these sometimes secretive, “stealthy” companies.  The companies we include are those that are predominantly, though not exclusively, device-intensive, but may also include those developing drug-device hybrids, biomaterials, biotech, drug or other technologies that are evolving to serve areas once served fairly exclusively by devices.

Below is an illustration of a select distribution of companies by their area(s) of clinical focus. Note plese that the trend indicating an increase in the number of companies is only partially attributable to our growing capability to identify heretofore hidden startups — there has been a true upward trend in company formation. (It is also worth noting that we anticipate 2008 to illustrate a drop-off in numbers of companies formed, based on numbers identified thus far, and this is likely to continue through 2009 with the current credit crisis taking place in fourth quarter 2008.)

Souce:  Medtech Startups Database, by MedMarket Diligence
Souce: Medtech Startups Database, by MedMarket Diligence


For more information about the Medtech Startups Database, see link.

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