New technologies at recent medtech startups

Another sampling of new technologies in various stages of development at recently founded medical technology startups:

  • Surgical drain and other technologies
  • Novel wound healing and drug delivery based on unique hydrogel
  • Nitric oxide coatings for blood-contacting medical devices
  • Bioresorbable implants for a range of surgical applications
  • Device to block transmission of pathogens via intravenous catheters
  • Self-expanding stent for femoral and popliteal applications
  • Cancer therapeutics
  • Device for treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Wound closure device to improve aesthetics without sacrificing strength

These technologies and details on the companies developing them are provided in the Medtech Startups Database.  Unlike other sources of “emerging medical technologies” or meetings focused on investment and in “innovation” (you know the ones), which often have companies upwards of ten or more years old (and apparently spent all that time attending more investment meetings than actually “innovating”), the companies in the Medtech Startups Database are true startups, some only weeks (or days) old, some up to a year or two old and some up to a few years old who may have stayed in “stealth mode”, were it not for our efforts!

Below please find a list of recent MedMarket Diligence reports.

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Published Reports

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