Energy-Based Technologies (Ablation, Other), 2007-2017, Worldwide

Ablation Worldwide Market, 2007 to 2017
Ablation Worldwide Market, 2007 to 2017

Technologies for ablation and other energy-based treatments in medical/surgical markets are currently dominated by electrosurgical-type therapies, but a growing array of other modalities are creating new applications or penetrating existing ones.

At right is shown the forecast, by modality type, of ablation and other energy-based therapies through 2017. The most significant growth is expected to come from microwave, thermal, hydromechanical and cryotherapy, each of which will demonstrate compound growth rates in excess of 15% annually.

Excerpt from report #A125, “Ablation Technologies Worldwide Market,” (August 2008).  See link.  Report #A125, “Ablation Technologies Worldwide”, may be purchased online.

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