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The “© 2018, MedMarket Diligence, LLC -- advanced medical technologies” blog draws from the research, publications and other content of MedMarket Diligence as well as from my own readings, insights and perspectives.  While I am not wont to be stingy, I am not always inclined to give up valuable sources, but in the interest of quid pro quo, perhaps, I’d like to offer a few salient tips, sources and resources that I find useful.  I’ll get the self-promotion out of the way — a good source is a good source — and follow it with those I find invaluable (most, but not all, are rss/xml links):

In addition to these resources, one of the most useful tools available in this era of information overload is software called WebSite-Watcher, which I have found to have more varied uses than I ever anticipated.  (Think “staying aware”.)  Another highly valuable resource is Google Alerts, which has been in beta seemingly forever, but has long since proven its worth.


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