Skip the chemo and take an aspirin?

As I was considering topics for the April issue of MedMarkets, I came across a story in Reuters that aspirin was associated with reduced incidence and mortality from cancer.  That aspirin should have such a therapeutic benefit was not surprising, especially considering the data that has been appearing from different sources that inflammation (aspirin is an NSAID) plays a central role in the etiology of many diseases.  But this is sobering.  While medical technologies can run the gamut from the relatively simple (e.g., bare metal stents) to the pretty darn complex (e.g. bioresobable extracellular matrices), the prospect of our sophisticated thinking leading us toward technology solutions that could be virtually preempted by a drug like aspirin makes just such a possibility one that, however humbling it may be do so, must be taken into consideration by medtech innovators.

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