Medtech Startups, March 2007

From the March 2007 issue of MedMarkets.

New technologies at medtech startups:

Company Principal(s) Location Product/Technology Founded
Biocross, Inc. (Finistere Ventures) Laguna Niguel, CA Device to enable crossing chronic total occlusions in both peripheral and coronary applications 2006
JenaValve Technology GmbH Helmut Straubinger, CEO Munich, Germany Minimally invasive, self-expanding aortic heart valve 2006
Lotus Medical, LLC Andrew K. Palmer, MD San Diego, CA Compression technology for treatment of non-union fractures 2007
Minimally Invasive Devices, LLC Undisclosed Columbus, OH Devices to facilitate minimally invasive procedures (e.g. visualization in lap surgery and ureteral stone removal) 2006
Spine Form, LLC Undisclosed Cincinnati, OH Device technology based on scoliosis research 2005
Vascular and Endovascular Surgical Technologies, Inc. John K. Edoga, MD Morristown, NJ Endovascular grafts 2005

Biocross, Inc. — Laguna Niguel, CA; no URL
JenaValve Technology GmbH — Munich, Germany;
Lotus Medical, LLC — San Diego, CA;
Minimally Invasive Devices, LLC — Columbus, OH; (under construction)
Spine Form, LLC — Cincinnati, OH; (under construction)
Vascular and Endovascular Surgical Technologies, Inc. — Morristown, NJ; no URL

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