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(Re-posted to a new blog link, still a WordPress blog, but one that suits my needs a bit better.)

My © 2018, MedMarket Diligence, LLC -- advanced medical technologies blog has moved here!

This is the new home of the “© 2018, MedMarket Diligence, LLC -- advanced medical technologies” blog by me, Patrick Driscoll, president and founder of MedMarket Diligence. You may have seen me at my old digs,, where I happily blogged along — that is, until the “old” Blogger became the “new” Blogger and some of the bugs just couldn’t quite get worked out by those folks.

So here I am. I’m going to warn you — I don’t blog for the sake of it. I blog if I have something interesting to say and not until then. (There’s enough verbal excess on the blogosphere as it is.) As my blogspot did, my blogs here will center on what we/I/MedMarket Diligence see in new technologies for medical applications. Largely device-oriented, but cognizant of the dissolution of boundaries between device/drug/biotech/etc. Advanced stuff, not med/surg supplies. I don’t focus on reimbursement issues (per se), since my interest is on the technologies and what they can do toward clinical efficacy (reimbursement should follow, right?).

This blog is also not intended to be my company billboard. I really do want to add perspective to the topic of medical technology and if it draws upon the proprietary research that we perform (and publish in reports, newsletters, etc.), then so be it. I will also happily put good, valuable content here gratis if I think it furthers the dialogue, and that can be some good stuff from our reports (tables, charts, text) or MedMarkets newsletter (startup companies, “MedMarket Oulook” column, and others).

I look forward to your comments.

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