Medtech Startups: Stealth, Location, and Platform Tech

Medical Technology Startups Identified in the December 2006 MedMarkets (subscribers only).

In the December 2006 issue of MedMarkets, I note in my MedMarket Outlook column the common tendencies in the formation of medical technology startups in 2006. It should come as no surprise that central to many (though certainly not all) were the premises of stealth (staying under the radar), location (where are startups concentrated, as if it should be any surprise), and platform technologies, among others.

Here, for reference (or late Christmas present), are the companies identified in the December issue.

Company Principal(s) Location Product/Technology Founded
Carticept Medical, Inc. (Domain Associates, New Enterprise Associates) Alpharetta, GA Development and sales of therapeutically related medical devices 2005
Forcept, Inc. John Maroney Menlo Park, CA Assisted cautery/cutting systems for performing transvaginal hysterectomy 2005
Internal Fixation Systems, Inc. Steve Hernandez Medley, FL Orthopedic implants (e.g., bone screws) 2006
I-Therapeutix, Inc. William H. Ransone II Waltham, MA Hydrogel sealant for use in ophthalmic surgery 2006
iCardiac Technologies, Inc. Mikael Totterman, CEO Rochester, NY ECG-based cardiac diagnostics and medical devices 2006
NBI Development, Inc. Undisclosed Chicago, IL Spinal neuromodulation devices 2006
Optmed, LLC Alain Klapholz New York, NY Developing “innovative medical technologies” 2006
Safe Surgery Technologies LLC David Michelson Cheyenne, WY Capsulotomy cutting device 2006
TriReme Medical, Inc. Eitan Constantino Pleasanton, CA Apparatus and methods for delivering prostheses to luminal bifurcations 2005
Vertebral Technologies, Inc. Jeffrey Felt, CEO Minnetonka, MN Biocompatible polymers for joint restoration in the spine 2005

Carticept Medical, Inc. (Alpharetta, GA; [under construction])
Forcept, Inc. (Menlo Park, CA; no URL)
Internal Fixation Systems, Inc. (Medley, FL; no URL)
I-Therapeutix, Inc. (Waltham, MA;
iCardiac Technoloigies, Inc. (Rochester, NY;
NBI Development, Inc. (Chicago, IL; [under construction])
Optmed, LLC (New York, NY;
Safe Surgery Technologies LLC (Cheyenne, WY; no URL)
TriReme Medical, Inc. (Pleasanton, CA; no URL)
Vertebral Technologies, Inc. (Minnetonka, MA; no URL)

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