U.S. diabetes prevalence to double by 2050

In the September issue of Diabetes Care, Dr. K. M. Venkat Narayan and colleagues from the CDC’s Division for Diabetes Translation write that by 2050 a full 12% of the U.S. population, or 48.3 million people, will have
diabetes (
link). Moreover, if the rate of diabetes in the U.S. population continues to rise, the prevalance by 2050 will be even higher.
Further, the rates of growth in prevalence will be disparate. Minorities will face a significant added burden, with prevalence among whites doubling by 2050, while the prevalence among African-Americans will triple and the number of Hispanics with diabetes will increase almost six-fold. Diabetics aged 65-74 will triple and those over 75 will increase five-fold.

Given the associated costs of diabetes and its complications, this data adds to a steady chorus of support among clinicians for better screening, diagnosis and management of diabetes.Tags: medtech, diabetes, insulin, glucose

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