Meanwhile, American Medical Systems Corners a Market

Company Steadily Secures the Urogenital Treatment Market
The acquisition of Laserscope by American Medical Systems Holdings this month for $715 million adds a certain punctuation to AMSH’s steadily growing presence in the field of urogenital medicine or, as the company refers to it, “pelvic health.” Lest there be any doubt, AMSH has been on a Tyco-like drive of acquisitions that have garnered it a clear lock on urogenital markets. In May 2006, the company acquired Solarant Medical, a maker of minimally invasive therapies for stress urinary incontinence. In April 2006, AMSH acquired BioControl Medical for its implantable electrical stimulation technology, which the company will use to develop its own incontinence treatment technology. In 2004, the company acquired TherMatrx, the developer of an office-based thermal treatment for BPH, In 2003, the company acquired CryoGen, the developer of cold technology for treatment of menorrhagia, and the company also acquired erectile dysfunction technologies from Endocare in 2003…the list goes on.
While Boston Scientific and Medtronic fight tooth and nail in both the courts and the markets to gain turf in the cardiovascular device industry, we watch with interest as AMSH has steadily purchased its own plot of real estate in the urogenital arena, a field that while putatively overshadowed by cardiology, represents a hugely attractive area of upside potential, and growing less crowded all the time.

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  1. AMS is not a laser company. Nor do they care to understand lasers or the market. Almost all of the Laserscope people are gone along with their expertise. Such a waste on money and talent.

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