MEMS and Nanotech in Medicine

In initiating our report on “Micro- and Nanomedicine“, which details the full spectrum of products, technologies and markets in the application of MEMS and nanotech to medical use, I elected not to approach this as an update of the report we did in 2003, for several reasons. First, I was able to draw on very qualified resources for the current report, and was particularly interested in the analysis capitalizing on this by having an “unbiased” view of the market. Second, the market continues to be driven heavily by R&D, which by its nature results in a rapid flux in the players, the nature of their nanotech/MEMS initiatives and the actual status of development.Since our prior analysis, a very great deal has changed in the fields defined by those corporate, academic and government entities pursuing medical development of nanotech and MEMS. We currently profile about a 100 companies, but there are easily 4-fold more that one might consider for profiles given the number of companies and their current or potential involement in micromedicine or nanomedicine.

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