Medtech Startups

MedMarket Diligence maintains a live database of medical technology startup companies. These are companies we have identified as part of both our ongoing research into medical technology markets as well as our specific focus on identifying these new companies, which often represent the forefront of medical technology development. (We view “medical technology” or “medtech” as principally medical devices and equipment, but also all technologies that are directly competitive with or complementary to technologies represented by therapeutic or diagnostic medical devices/equipment.)

Updated regularly with addition of at least 10 new companies per month, the database currently contains contact details, business/product/technology descriptions and other data with records searchable by keyword and categorized by clinical/technology segment. Currently the database contains well over 1,000 medical technology startup companies spanning medical device, biotech, biomaterials, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and other medical product companies.

The Medtech Startup Database focuses on medical technology companies founded typically within the most recent one year period in the U.S., Europe, Middle East and Asia/Pacific.

Companies are categorized according to multiple clinical/technology areas of focus:

  • ablation
  • arrhythmia management
  • biomaterials
  • biotechnology
  • blood, cell therapy, organ repair replacement, tissue engineering
  • cardiovascular diagnostics
  • cardiovascular therapeutics
  • critical care and patient management
  • dental/oral surgery
  • diabetes
  • diagnostics
  • drug delivery
  • drug discovery
  • diagnostic imaging
  • gastrointestinal
  • interventional radiology / vascular surgery
  • minimally invasive therapies
  • nanomedicine
  • neurology/neurosurgery
  • obesity
  • obstetrics / gynecology
  • oncology
  • ophthalmology
  • orthopedics/musculoskeletal
  • patient monitoring
  • pediatric
  • pharmaceutical
  • pulmonary
  • spine
  • stem cell therapy
  • surgery
  • tissue engineering
  • urogenital
  • wound management
  • other

The database is described in detail at link.

For a listing of the technologies at past medtech startups, see link.

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