The future of cardiovascular medicine

The MedMarket Diligence has published a global analysis and forecast of cardiovascular procedures, designed to be a resource for active participants or others with interest in the future of cardiovascular medicine and cardiovascular technologies.

See the press release on Medgadget.

Medtech fundings for August 2016

The top fundings for medical technology companies in August 2015 totaled a modest $335.1 million.

See the 2016 global reports:

Surgical Sealants, Glues, Hemostats, 2015-2022. details

Global Dynamics of Cardiovascular Surgical and Interventional Procedures, 2015–2022. details

Fundings for August 2016 were led by the $93 million funding of CVRx, followed by the $49 million funding of Auris Surgical Robots, and the $30 million funding of VytronUS. See link for the complete list.


For a comprehensive list of medtech fundings since 2009, see link.