It’s Personal. We fail in organ donation. Help one person.

I grew up around medicine, with a surgeon father and a pediatric uncle. I studied toward a profession in medicine as well, but I was also enormously intrigued with the science, business, and future of medicine, especially the potential emerging from biotech, with genetics and molecular biology at the top of the list. It led me to research many genetic diseases, among them cystic fibrosis (I knew someone who survived this very late, into college), and polycystic kidney disease (PKD).

Sadly, I also know someone with polycystic kidney disease, and her name is M. Christina Mayo. Tina is now in urgent need of both a kidney and liver to save her life.

I do not editorialize much here (I show restraint), but the state of organ donation in this country and worldwide is rather pathetic. We fail. And we cannot afford to fail at so simple a thing.

Last week, an old college friend of Tina’s, who also happens to be a very good friend of mine, opted to be evaluated as a “live liver” donor. (The liver is a “vital” organ, like heart and kidneys, that we can’t do without — we can donate one kidney, but techniques exist now to allow a donor to donate a lobe of the liver, rather than the whole, with the donate lobe eventually growing back.)
So, Tina’s and my friend was evaluated rigorously at UC San Francisco, where the donation would be. Unfortunately, despite so many indicators looking good, there was no match.

Tina is now making an urgent appeal (see below). And in the spirit my brother (a long time blood donor who passed away, but was an organ donor), I hope you read this and pass it along to ANYONE who might be able to help her.

I have nothing to gain from this except comfort in knowing that I bothered to take a few minutes out of my life to save someone else.

If you can donate, then I am asking you to consider this.

If you cannot donate, then please post to pass it along to anyone who might be able to.

Contact me if you have any questions:
Online link to kidney donation questionnaire:
Tina Mayo