Clinical and Technology Focus of New Medtech Startups

Since January 2011, a total of 245 new medtech companies have been founded and added to the Medtech Startups Database from MedMarket Diligence. These are companies that are either device-based or based on other technologies that are directly competitive with, or complementary to, medical devices, inclusive of medical device implants, med/surg instruments or equipment, drug/device or biotech/device hybrids, bioresorable implants/devices and other similar technologies. The companies excluded from this are those that are developign pure pharmaceutical products with no direct competitive/complementary role with medical devices or hybrids of info technology (e.g., smart-phone) piggybacked on existing medical devices.

The companies represented here cover a surprising range of innovations and clinical applications. They have been identified based on recently issued patents, patent applications, corporate filings and a litany of press releases, social media sources, and other data sources. As we identify the companies during this process, we categorize them into a number of clinical/technology categories, with multiple categories possible (e.g., minimally invasive plus cardio therapeutics, or diagnostic plus oncology, and others). Below is illustrated, in descending order, the clinical/technology categories of the companies founded since January 2011:

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 1.08.50 PM

Source: Medtech Startups Database; MedMarket Diligence, LLC

[Note, please, that we have little focus on pharmaceutical or drug discovery or dental/oral surgery, so these terms low tally in the graphic reflects our lower focus than prevalence of startups in these areas.]

Clearly, the great majority of medical technology startup companies is focused on surgical and/or cardio therapeutics and/or minimally invasive and/or ortho/musculoskeletal applications, areas that have historically and persistently represented the dominant thrust of medtech innovation.

Another way to view these companies is a “word cloud” compiled from each company’s product/technology descriptions, with the most frequently occurring words in the descriptions being represented in larger type face in the graphic. Admittedly, this is little more than a curiosity, but in reflecting the words used to reflect the focus of these companies (whether the words are theirs, mine or a third party source), it lends a sense to the common/primary thinking is in conveying what these companies are about:
Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 12.53.46 PM

Source: Medtech Startups Database; MedMarket Diligence, LLC


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