Advanced Wound Management Worldwide Driven By Perceived Outcomes, Cost

For centuries, most wound care has been characterized by simple methods to clean and dress wounds to limit infection and otherwise leave the healing process to its natural course.  For a substantial volume of patient caseload globally, this approach will remain in place until modest improvements on inert dressings (e.g., antimicrobials, hydrogels, bioactive ingredients, etc.) are demonstrated to buyers as offering a perceived improvement on outcomes without a substantial increase in cost.  Beyond this, more advanced wound products such as growth factors, engineered skin or other grafts, negative pressure wound therapy and other physical systems (e.g., ultrasound, electrical stimulation, etc.) will not appreciably penetrate routine wound caseload.

Traditional wound management products still represent such a significant share of the total market that considerable improvement in outcomes, improved economic conditions in global markets or drop in the manufacturing cost and distribution of products will have to transpire to dislodge traditional product caseload, despite the fact that advanced products are demonstrating rapid growth.



Source: Worldwide Wound Management Market, 2013-2021 (Report #S249); MedMarket Diligence, LLC

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